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  • Updated For Patch 3.3
  • 100% Legal, No Cheats
  • Proven to Make Gold
  • Detailed Maps & Instructions
  • Secrets For All Levels
  • Works For Horde and Alliance
Need Gold?

Hi, If you haven't watched the video above, my name is Hayden Hawke, author of the Secret Gold Guide.

The reason you're here today is because you WANT gold. Let me rephrase that, you NEED gold.

I know how you feel, I was once at that point in my WoW career. I thought about quitting...but then I realized that's stupid, it's just a game.

Other players have gold to buy whatever they want, why can't I? It turns out, I could. I could have a lot of gold and all I had to do was learn the secrets of how they did it.

Over the last few years after learning some of the methods used by the pros, I improved upon these methods and began helping players on a case-by-case basis, but this wasn't enough....

Everywhere I went I saw beggars! Every time I was raiding there was always some idiot there who didn't have enough gold to pay for repairs or reagents.

I'm sure you all know how annoying it is to be in a raid and have a paladin give you a 10 minute buff because he didn't have money for reagents. Don't be that guy!

What I'm offering you is a chance to make more gold than you'll ever need. What's wrong with that?

If you continue down the page I will tell you what's in my guide, why it's better than others, and what you'll learn. If that isn't enough, it's also 100% guaranteed to work.

Presenting...the Secret Gold Guide!

If you've continued to read this page, you've made the right choice. If you already know you want this guide because it's already been proven to work then you can skip the rest of this page and GET YOUR COPY TODAY.

For those of you who are going to continue reading, GREAT! I highly encourage everyone to fully investigate a product before they try it, PLUS, I have a lot more to tell you!

The Secret Gold Guide comes in PDF format and you will receive access to it. The guide is over 200 pages long and can be downloaded directly to your computer.

This is the most comprehensive gold guide available on the market, I should know I've tried all the others.


I personally wrote this guide after Wrath of the Lich King was released and ONLY AFTER I thoroughly developed and tested these new strategies. These aren't some old strategies that have been repackaged to make the guide look huge.

There is nothing in this guide that is old or outdated and EVERYTHING works. I don't just tell you what you could do to make gold, I tell you exactly where to go, what you should do, and if that isn't enough, I've even included DETAILED MAPS!


This is an ACTUAL map used in my guide. Unfortunately I can't show you more because it would be unfair to people who have already received their copy, but you get the idea.


My guide is highly organized and easy to navigate so that you can find anything and everything as fast as humanly possible or at least as fast as you can click and read.

I've ran into my fair share of guides that are unsorted, ungrouped, and have no real way to navigate them. Oh sure, they advertise they have a table of contents but even that is unsorted, poorly named, and if you find something in there that you like, you probably won't be able to get back to it.

My guide is SIMPLE to use and has one of the most elite navigation structures ever created, besides bookmarks the table of contents is over 5 pages long by itself, I DARE you to try and NOT BE ABLE to find something.

Check out the screen shot below to see the Navigation Structure I Use

100% Legal, No Cheats

My guide does not contain any hacks or cheats, and is 100% LEGAL. If you don't believe me, get a copy, find something in the guide, and ask the GMs yourself. If they say you can't do it, I'll refund your money instantly!

I put a lot of time into my characters and the last thing I'm interested in is GETTING BANNED. I have read the entire End User License Agreement (that thing most people scroll through and click the accept button without reading) and all World of Warcraft rules several times!

You will NOT get banned or suspended for using my guide. My guide requires nothing more than World of Warcraft and you reading and applying the advice in the guide. I don't promote or support the use of third party hacks, bots, or cheats.

When You Get the Guide Today You Will Learn:
  • How to find all the HOT DEALS on the Auction House that others don't know about (I find it funny that most people think they know how to use the Auction House, but once you read my guide, you will be ABSOLUTELY AMAZED at what you didn't know).
  • How to get money for your mounts, whether you're 20, 40, 60, 70, or 80 and getting a regular land or epic flying mount. What I reveal to you in this guide will always leave you with plenty of gold to buy your mounts (no more hitchhiking).
  • The best zones and instances to make up to 1,000 gold an hour!
  • Common gold making mistakes other players make and how to avoid them (some of these are really common sense but people still do them for some reason).
  • The hottest selling items for each profession and how to make tons of gold off these items whether you crafted them or not!
  • The best places to mine, herb, and skin. I'm not going to lie to you, this comes with full routes and detailed instructions. You will MAKE gold using them.
  • How to use addons to make gold farming easier (no these aren't hacks they are Blizzard Approved addons that most players don't even know exist)!
  • Unique ways to make gold that other players don't even realize exist.
  • How to identify the next hottest items and have them up for sale in the Auction House before anyone else even thinks about it!
  • Ways to manipulate the Auction House so the items you sell, ALWAYS SELL, and for the PRICE you choose!
  • How to make TONS of gold off any profession, no matter which ones you have! (yes a lot of people aren't even using their profession they already have to make a TON of gold because they don't know how. I'll tell you exactly how in my guide!
  • How to make hundreds of gold while helping other players at the same time you are farming!
  • Know which daily quests are worth doing, what ones aren't, and learn what order you should do them in to maximize your gold!
  • How to quickly identify which items are worth farming and the absolute best places to find them!
  • And MUCH, MUCH, MORE! So much more, that if I put it all in this box you'd still be here reading it tomorrow.
Don't Waste Your Money On...

There's no better way to say this! Don't waste your money on other guides. Go ahead ask me why, I dare you!

Okay since you dared me I'll tell you why!

From my personal experience of using all of the other guides out there, I've come to the conclusion that I should just make my own, and I came to that conclusion based off the following reasons:

Why My Guide is Unbeatable
Don't take my word for it...

So how do you know you can trust me?

I don't expect you to. Honestly, I've provided you with a 100% "guide works" guarantee, bonus materials, pictures, and video proof above. If you're still not convinced then why don't you see what other people who bought the product are saying?

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For the WOTLK Classic Server Release --- We are now including free access to all of Hayden Hawkes VIP Member Area (because the games old and we don't give a shit anymore):

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I'm so fricken pumped that they've released a Wrath of the Lich King Classic Server and I want to get this guide Right Now!

When you get access today you will:
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I know by using my guide that you'll be able to make all the gold you'll ever need. Thank you for taking the time to hear what I had to say, and even if you don't buy today, don't worry...you'll come back...they always do.


P.S. If you buy gold instead with your money you'll not only put your account at risk of being banned, but once you spend it, you'll have to buy more or come back and buy my guide. So don't waste your money in the first place and buy my guide today, you'll come out ahead in the long run.

P.S.S Why are you still reading this? The access area to my guide is up above. Seriously...the bonuses alone are worth a lot more than what I'm asking you to spend today!